Q&A with Jennie Dunn

Q&A with Jennie Dunn, Head Professional at The Machrihanish Golf Club

Scotland has a rich history of women’s golf, with the first recorded women’s golf tournament being held in Musselburgh, East Lothian, in 1811. The first women’s golf club was The Ladies Club of St Andrews, formed in 1867. The club is today known as The St Andrews Ladies Putting Club, maybe better known as The Himalayas.

It was Old Tom Morris who created the green for The St Andrews Ladies Putting Club, a superb layout and achievement that Old Tom was extremely proud of.1 Old Tom exerted a pivotal influence in the women’s game, fighting for women to be allowed to play the sport. He was also instrumental in the shift from golf being a gentleman’s game to being a game for all.2

The Old Tom Morris Trail was created to honour the legacy of Old Tom and the huge impact he had on the game as we know it today. Consisting of 18 courses, the Trail covers every corner of Scotland and includes hidden gems and Championship courses, providing exceptional Scottish links golf. The 18th course on the Trail is Machrihanish Golf Club and in our latest blog we sat down with the club’s Head Professional Jennie Dunn, to chat all things golf.

Turning professional in 2004, Jennie has been Head Professional in Germany and Austria, where she was also the youngest ever female Head Professional in both countries. Now Head Professional at The Machrihanish Golf Club, Jennie is currently one of the few female Head Professionals in Scotland.

As the only female Head Professional at the 18 courses that make up The Old Tom Morris Trail, we wanted to find out a little more about Jennie to share with you on International Women’s Day.

  • When did you first start playing golf?

My dad and younger brother are also PGA professionals, and my mum owned the Pro Shop for 25 years. So I grew up on a golf course and spent every day there. So I more or less started as soon as I could walk.

  • Did you always want to be a professional golfer?

I did, my plan was to become a playing professional. But back then (about 18 years ago) there weren’t that many girls playing competitively. I played in a few men’s events but then got offered a job at a golf club and accepted it.

  • Which is your favourite hole at Machrihanish and why?

My favourite hole is the 3rd. After a blind tee shot once you reach the brow of the hill the view is spectacular.

  • Apart from Machrihanish, do you have another favourite course in Scotland?

I’m actually going to stay close to home and say Machrihanish Dunes and Dunaverty. All 3 courses are so different but great, they are all just as challenging.

  • Who is your favourite Tour player?

Laura Davies.

  • What is the best piece of golf advice you have ever received?

You need to have patience.

  • What has been your most memorable round of golf?

I used to live in Germany and played for the club team. I remember holing a putt which must have been about 30 feet. But that putt was for our team to win overall. Have never holed a putt like that since.

The Machrihanish Golf Club is Number 18 on The Old Tom Morris Trail. Have you played it? To purchase your Coin, shop the Coin Collection here.

To find out more about The Machrihanish Golf Club, click here.


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