The Trail

Q: Do you need to complete the trail in one?

Absolutely not, but we would definitely recommend it if you are ticking the courses off in one go! The courses can be completed when and and how you like – this is your trail and your trip.

Q: I want to complete the trail in one trip. How long do you think the trip will take and what sort of budget would I need?

The trail can be done over weeks, months or years. If you were completing the course in one go we would recommend a minimum of 14 nights but this could mean playing two courses in one day and would depend on the availability of tee times at some of the championship courses. 


Q: What does booking with Bonnie Wee Golf include? 

The Bonnie Wee Golf team are here to ensure you have the ultimate luxury experience. We can help arrange your bespoke tour including travel, accommodation and tee times. Contact us today to book the trip of your lifetime.  

Q: Can the trail be done on a budget? 

The trail includes some of the world’s most magnificent courses so of course there are fees to align with these courses but if you are happy to travel on your own and stay at local hotels, B&Bs it absolutely can be done on a budget. We leave this part to you, the coins can be collected as you go!

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The Coins

Q: How do I collect the coins?

If you book the trail with Bonnie Wee Golf you will be able to collect the coins as part of the tour. If you’re doing the trail on your own, coins can be purchased individually. Please click here to view our online shop.

Q: Can I purchase the coins if I have already played a course on the trail?

Absolutely – head on over to our online shop to purchase your coins!

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